Sl. No image Name Designation Specialisation / Research Area
1 Mr. Nabin Mandal Research Associate I Conventional Al-BSF c-Si Solar cells, Advanced c-Si Solar cells View
2 Dr. Sukanta Bose Research Associate I Advanced c-Si Solar cells, Thin Film Silicon solar cells, Surface Passivation, TCO View
3 Dr. Gourab Das Research Associate II c-Si based Solar cells, Thin Silicon and Thin Film Solar cells, Organic Photovoltaics, TCOs, Sensors View
4 Dr. Anupam Nandi Research Associate I Nanostructure based solar cells, 2D material and related nanocomposite assisted photovoltaic, gas sensing and optoelectronic applications View
5 Dr. Joydip Jana Research Associate I Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Power Electronics, Solar Inverter, Battery Charger View
6 Dr. Deepanjana Adak Research Associate I Anti-soiling/Self-cleaning/easy-to-clean transparent coating for Solar Systems (PV/CSPs), Photocatalysis, Photoelectrocatalysis View
7 Susmita Biswas Senior Research Fellow Application of Silicon nanocrystalsin hot carrier solar cell and other photovoltaic devices View
8 Hiranmay Samanta Junior Research Fellow Solar PV Systems, Micro-Grid, Power Management, Internet of Things, Smart-Grid View
9 Pritam Banerjee Senior Research Fellow Thin c-Si solar cells, Light trapping View
10 Abhijit Das Senior Research Fellow Solar Photovoltaic system, Datalogger Remote Monitoring system, GPRS, Modbus-RS-485, TCP/IP View
11 Shiladitya Acharyya Junior Research Fellow Passivating contacts for silicon solar cells View
12 Saheli Sengupta Junior Research Fellow Investigation of PV module reliability and its effect on RE integrated power system operation View
13 Sourav Sadhukhan Junior Research Fellow Advanced High Efficiency c-Si Solar Cells, Heterojunction solar cells, Thin film solar cells, Organic solar cells View
14 Tamalika Panda Junior Research Fellow Grid design Optimization, Thin c-Si solar cells, Light trapping View
15 Dibyendu Kumar Ghosh Junior Research Fellow Thin Film Fabrication, Thin Film Characterization, Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells, Advanced c-Si Solar Cells, Surface Passivation, Gas Sensing View