The Eliteck is committed to manufacture advanced electrodes commercially that are utilized regularly in the research and development laboratory of both academic as well as industry. Our electrodes are of high quality, as well as cheaper than the existing imported one. We are developing the electrodes with domestic technologies and (wo)men power, which strongly supporting the cause of "Make in India.

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    Every day, all around the world, people depend on technology, transportation, energy and infrastructure to live, work and thrive. At RESOLZ POWER, we’re dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with technologies that are more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable. Because that’s what really matters. And we’re here to make sure it works. Transportation and mobility are emerging as potential drivers of innovation and economic growth in the 21st century. Rapidly evolving technologies and business models for delivering mobility services have the potential to dramatically transform the global transportation sector in the times to come. Following the rapid developments in the field, a recent paradigm shift has led to an integral approach that focuses on shared, connected and clean mobility solutions which are customized to local needs. RESOLZ POWER is developing sustainable, futuristic and implementable business visions to transform India's transport architecture and infrastructure through technology. The company is trying to convert their concept into deployable products in the future. The company is trying to come up with an innovation or develop a Technology/ Business Model that encourages rapid deployment of Electric Vehicles while being financially viable.

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