Journal Publication 2017

Sl. No. Title of the Paper Author Name Journal Name Vol No. Issue No. Pages
1. Investigation of Optical Absorption Spectra and Scattering Efficiency of ZnO:Al Nanorods on Different Substrates J Roy Sharma, S Mitra, H Ghosh, S Bose, S Mandal, G Das, S Mukhopadhyay, H Saha, A K Barua, Materials Today: Proceedings 4   12635–12640
2. A review of inverter topologies for single-phase grid-connected photovoltaic system Jana J, Saha H, Das Bhattacharya K Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 72   1256-1276.  
3. Precursor dependent tailoring of morphology and bandgap of zinc oxide nanostructures Nandi A, Majumder R, Nag P, Datta S K, Saha H, Majumdar S Journal of MaterialsScience: Materials in Electronics 28 15 10885-10892.  
4. Light-harvesting properties of embedded tin oxide nanoparticles for partial rear contact silicon solar cells Ghosh H, Mitra S, Dhar S, Nandi A, Majumdar S, Saha H, Datta S K, Banerjee C Plasmonics 6 12 1761-1772  
5.  Influence of excitation frequency and electrode separation on the growth of microcrystalline silicon films and their application in single junction microcrystalline solar cell   Das G, Mondal S, Bose S, Sharma J R, Mukhopadhyay S, Banerjee C, Barua A K Journal Of Materials Science-Materials In Electronics 28 14 10382
6. Poly (vinylidene fluoride)/submicron graphite platelet composite: A smart, lightweight flexible material with significantly enhanced β polymorphism, dielectric and microwave Kar E, Bose N, Dutta B, Mukherjee N, Mukherjee S European Polymer Journal 90 17 442-455  
7.  Reusable iron sulfide nanospheres towards promoted photocatalytic and electrocatalytic activities Show B, Mukherjee N, Mondal A New Journal of Chemistry 41 18 10083-10094.  
8. Blue and violet defect levels mediated absorption hot spots in tapered ZnO nanorods toward improved photocatalytic activity Bose S, Dey D, Banerjee S, Ahmad G, Mandal S, Barua A K, Mukherjee N Journal of Materials Science 52 21 12818-12825.  
9. ZnO/γ-Fe2O3 Charge Transfer Interface toward Highly Selective H2S Sensing at a Low Operating Temperature of 30 °C   Ghosh S, Adak D, Bhattacharyya R, Mukherjee N ACS Sensors 2 12 1831−1838
10  c-Si/n-ZnO-based flexible solar cells with silica nanoparticles as a light trapping metamaterial   Roy A B, Das S, Kundu A, Banerjee C, Mukherjee N PhysicalChemistry Chemical Physics 19 20 12838-12844.
11 Correlation Between Morphology and Nanomechanical Behavior of ZnO Thin Films   Sinha A, Mukherjee N Journal of Inst. Eng. India Ser. D 98 2 189-193
12 ’Solution-Processed Organic Solar Cells Using New Electron Acceptor Derived from Naphthalene and Fluorene Unit Nagarjuna P, Chaturvedi N, Bagui A, Runjhun R, Garg A, Singh S P ACS Journal of Physical Chemistry C   121 48 26615–26621
13 Achieving high efficiency using BODIPY dye as photoactive material for solution-processed organic solar cells Rao. R. S, Bagui. A,. Rao. G. H. Gupta. , V, Singh. S. P.   Chemical Communication   53   95   12790-12793
14 Self-cleaning V-TiO2: SiO2 thin-film coatings with enhanced transmission for solar glass cover and related applications Adak, D., Ghosh, S., Chakrabarty, P., Mondal, A., Saha, H., Mukherjee, R., & Bhattacharyya, R. Solar Energy 155 410-418
15 ZnO/γ-Fe2O3 charge transfer interface in zinc-iron oxide hollow cages towards efficient photodegradation of industrial dyes and methanol electrooxidation Adak, D., Show, B., Mondal, A., & Mukherjee, N Journal of Catalysis 355 63-72