List of Faculty members
Sl. No Name Designation Specialisation / Research Area Email
1 Prof. Anup Mondol HOD & Professor Dept of Chemistry anup@chem.iiests.ac.in
2 Prof. Hiranmay Saha Visiting Professor Photovoltaics and Sensors hsaha@cegess.iiests.ac.in
3 Prof. Partha Chaudhuri Visiting Professor Solar Photovoltaics & Policy partha.iacs@gmail.com
4 Prof. Raghunath Bhattacharyya Advisor Photovoltaics and Sensors drraghunath@gmail.com
5 Prof. Samarjit Sengupta Visiting Professor System Management samarsgp@gmail.com
6 Prof. Santi Pada Gon Chaudhuri Honorary Faculty Green Energy and Technology nbirt2012@gmail.com
7 Dr. Nillohit Mukherjee Assistant Professor GR-II Advance Materials for Energy, Sensors and Storage nillohit@cegess.iiests.ac.in
8 Dr. Santanu Maity Assistant Professor GR-II High speed semiconductor device, Optoelectronic devices, Rf-MEMS, and MEMS based sensor smaity@cegess.iiests.ac.in
9 Dr. Sumita Mukhopadhyay Assistant Professor (Contractual) Photovoltaics mukhopadhyay_sumita@yahoo.co.in
10 Dr. Anirban Bagui DST-Inspired Faculty (On-Lien) Organic & Perovskite Solar Cell bagui.anirban@gmail.com
List of Associated Faculty Members
Sl. No Name Designation Specialisation / Research Area Email
1 Prof. Anup Mondol Professor Dept of Chemistry anup@chem.iiests.ac.in
2 Prof. Konika Das Bhattacharya Professor Dept of Electrical Engineering kdb@ee.iiests.ac.in
3 Dr. Syed Minhaz Hossain Associate Professor Dept of Physics shminhaz@physics.iiests.ac.in
4 Prof. Dipali Banerjee Professor Dept of Physics dbanerjee@physics.iiests.ac.in
5 Dr. Chirasree Roychaudhuri Associate Professor Dept of Electronics & Communication Engineering chirashree@telecom.iiests.ac.in
6 Prof. Susanta Chakraborty Professor Computer Science and Technology sc@cs.iiests.ac.in
7 Prof. Anindita Sengupta Professor Electrical Engineering aninsen@ee.iiests.ac.in
List of Scholars (RA/SRF/JRF)
Sl. No Name Designation Email
1 Mr. Nabin Mandal Research Associate I Conventional Al-BSF c-Si Solar cells, Advanced c-Si Solar cells nabinch72@gmail.com
2 Dr. Sukanta Bose Research Associate I Advanced c-Si Solar cells, Thin Film Silicon solar cells, Surface Passivation, TCO sukanta.vlsi@gmail.com
3 Dr. Gourab Das Research Associate II c-Si based Solar cells, Thin Silicon and Thin Film Solar cells, Organic Photovoltaics, TCOs, Sensors gourab_electron@hotmail.com
4 Dr. Anupam Nandi Research Associate I Nanostructure based solar cells, 2D material and related nanocomposite assisted photovoltaic, gas sensing and optoelectronic applications anupamnandi84@gmail.com
5 Dr. Joydip Jana Research Associate I Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Power Electronics, Solar Inverter, Battery Charger joydipjana02@gmail.com
6 Dr. Deepanjana Adak Research Associate I Anti-soiling/Self-cleaning/easy-to-clean transparent coating for Solar Systems (PV/CSPs), Photocatalysis, Photoelectrocatalysis deepanjana.adak@gmail.com
7 Dr. Jayasree Roy Sharma Research Associate I Light Trapping Techniques in a-Si and C-Si Solar Cells, Nanolayer Development for Passivation Study in Solar Cells, Sensing Ability of Nanomaterials 2jayasreesharma@gmail.com
8 Pritam Banerjee Senior Research Fellow Thin c-Si solar cells, Light trapping ipritam31@gmail.com
9 Susmita Biswas Senior Research Fellow Application of Silicon nanocrystalsin hot carrier solar cell and other photovoltaic devices sabitasusmita@gmail.com
10 Hiranmay Samanta Junior Research Fellow Solar PV Systems, Micro-Grid, Power Management, Internet of Things, Smart-Grid hiranmaysamanta@gmail.com
11 Abhijit Das Senior Research Fellow Solar Photovoltaic system, Datalogger Remote Monitoring system, GPRS, Modbus-RS-485, TCP/IP abhijitds7@gmail.com
12 Shiladitya Acharyya Junior Research Fellow Passivating contacts for silicon solar cells acharyyashiladitya@gmail.com
13 Saheli Sengupta Junior Research Fellow Investigation of PV module reliability and its effect on RE integrated power system operation sahelisgp@gmail.com
14 Tamalika Panda Junior Research Fellow Thin c-Si solar cells, Light trapping tamalika.panda@gmail.com
15 Sourav Sadhukhan Junior Research Fellow Advanced High Efficiency Solar Cells sourav.sadhukhan1990@gmail.com
16 Dibyendu Kumar Ghosh Junior Research Fellow Thin Film Fabrication, Thin Film Characterization, Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells, Advanced c-Si Solar Cells, Surface Passivation, Gas Sensing ghosh.dibyendu96@gmail.com
List of Staff Members (TA, PA & Consultant)
Sl. No Name Designation Email
1 Animesh Roy Technical Staff royanimesh52@gmail.com
2 Sarat Singha Technical Staff mailsinghasarat@gmail.com
3 Sushanta Nayak Technical Staff sushantanayak9@gmail.com
4 Sandip Dutta Technical Staff sandipd86@gmail.com
5 Debashree Majumder (Sardar) Technical Staff debashreesardar2008@gmail.com
6 Amit Kumar Maji Technical Staff amitcegess@gmail.com
7 Rittwik Majumder Technical Staff rittwik1@gmail.com
8 Sandipan Paul Technical Staff ssandy.paul@gmail.com
9 Biplab Saha Technical Staff bsaha.elc@gmail.com
10 Tushar Kanti Mandal Technical Staff tusharkm15@gmail.com
11 Sumit Sadhukhan Technical Staff sadhukhansumit.91@gmail.com
12 Sougata Bahadur Technical Staff saggycegessiiest@gmail.com
13 Debashis Shome Consultant shome1955@gmail.com
14 Manjushree Chakraborty Project Assistant manjushreechakraborty@ymail.com
15 Anurag Sharma Project Assistant Anurags363@gmail.com